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Destiny brought YOU here for a reason. Custom spellwork for cases of broken love relationships, lost boyfriends, money, and job problems.

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There is absolutely no obligation to buy a spell from me if you call. During our phone call, I will listen to your situation and tell you your options. I do not charge for phone calls. I do charge to perform spells once you have decided on one that best fits your needs and we agree on a price. It is not my intention to make you feel pressured to buy one spell over another, only to help you solve your problems.

Note: There may be a big time difference between your location and mine. If you cannot reach me by phone quickly you may consider e-mailing me with the following provisions: I do not work for free, Please include your phone number and location

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Gary is especially skilled in the area of romantic relationships and a psychic medium phone reading with Gary will tell you the outcome of your current problems. He has answers on sex, love, romance, insight, health, dreams, dating, the answers are waiting for you right now to get your live psychic readings.

Real Testimonials

I had a difficult case:

My husband had left the home six months prior due to midlife crisis.

He was livid over our arguments & only wanted to communicate regarding the kids

During the 1st two weeks of the spell I received Divorce Papers

I refused to lose my husband to midlife confusion!

Gary began two weeks of Ceremonial Magic & on the 14th day (Feb 1st 2013), my husband text me that night that “he missed me”.Gary & I had already agreed that my difficult case needed a stronger magic so he performed two more weeks of advanced rituals (Hermetic Magic). By the 4th day of the Hermetic , my husband & I were in full communication & he asked to spend time with me. After the 10th day of this second casting – my husband was very much around and back in my life. He was even confused as to why his feelings changed.

Towards the end of the second casting I agreed for Gary to make a Talisman for me. The Talisman would lock in the casting and I requested it to make our love and relationship stronger (because my husband still had some fickle moments). I’ve had the talisman for 6 days now (and have been carrying it my pocket as instructed) waiting for it to bring about my requests.

Gary has permission to give you my email address if you would like to contact me.

-Tracie Casillas


In the US? Call (231) 307-5670

In the UK? Call (0207) 993-4270

In AUS? Call +61 8-6555-8086


Why Call Gary?

  • Gary has worked as a professional Psychic and investigative journalist in psychic phenomenon for over 40 years
  • He is the only love spell caster who can provide references and testimonials with actual phone numbers of satisfied clients
  • Gary has studied metaphysics in London and the Far East and is a student of the Golden Dawn.

Call Gary at (231) 307-5670

I have 40 years experience as a spell caster!! The only kind of spells I cast are love spells. I do not do business spells or money spells, just love spells.

Love Spells that ACTUALLY work!!!

Are you ready to get your love back? Perhaps you may been to other spell casters and had no success with their Love Spells? Either way you have now found the home of True Witchcraft and Spell Casting. Divine Intervention! Its just a phone call away.

The Things that I am able to do are extremely powerful and potent.


In the US? Call (231) 307-5670

In the UK? Call (0207) 993-4270

In AUS? Call +61 8-6555-8086


You have no doubt encountered the fakes who have taken your money and given you nothing! These are the “psychics” who have scammed you out of hundreds, perhaps even thousands of dollars. They offer free readings and tell you what you want to hear. I am a European spell caster who has encountered many fakes but I deliver a REAL service and am proud to be able to have the success that I have!

I am not a psychic and I do not do readings, I only cast spells. I work with very powerful entities who are able to influence the one you love. The type of love magic I perform is ceremonial magic. Click here to learn more about it.


In the US? Call (231) 307-5670

In the UK? Call (0207) 993-4270

In AUS? Call +61 8-6555-8086


If you don’t reach me at the above number, you can try my cell here: (231) 307-5670

Lately I have been getting a lot of calls from people asking for free love spells. I do not work for free. Do you? If you are looking for something for nothing then you are definitely looking in the wrong place as you never get something for nothing. At post 65 years of age, and having done psychic work for 43 years I have not yet found anyone advertising on the internet who is not a complete fake. If they take payment by Green Dot Card, Western Union or Moneygram it is a fraud. Another thing is there is no overnight success with spells. My work takes two weeks and if you are not prepared to wait the time then shop somewhere else. I no longer “hold open” a space for someone who doesn’t get paid for two weeks and has to “call me back”, since I am on a first come, first served basis. I am prepared to give you e-mail addresses of previous clients whom you may contact to check me out. Payment is by bank to bank transfer. I do serious work and am not interested in having frivolous people contact me who are “shopping around”. Surely if you are shopping around you will find low prices and no results.

Please do not call me if you are unemployed, have no money or are unable to pay. I do not adopt a “payment plan” either. I do serious work and I back it up with references. I will be happy to send them to you. I take payment at the time I commence the work. Also there is no set fee for my work as every case is different.